Giving up Smoking

Approx. 30% of clients have a magical experience with zero cravings

Approx. 30% of clients will experience some cravings that are manageable using the tools I teach you 

Approx. 30% will be like the 2nd group but maybe have a coffee one day and suddenly miss the habit and then start thinking do I want one don’t I want one and you      just have to remind yourself with the help of your new tools that I will give you, you  are now a non-smoker                                                                                                           

Approx. 10% might need a booster session

Having been a heavy smoker for 29 years I personally view Smoking is a BAD habit not AN addiction in the true sense. When I smoked, I could go to sleep for 10 / 12 hours (I was young) and not think about a cigarette. If I had a true addiction, I seriously think my body would be waking me up craving a top up of whatever I was addicted to.

Yes, it was undoubtedly hard (I did not have the tools that I have now) but I did not have the withdrawal symptoms that a true addict has ie.  sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea, shaking,

Because I was going cold turkey as they say – you will not – I could occasionally be irritable, sometime found it difficulty concentrating if I wasn’t busy, I had a bit of a headache sometime in the first few days, my family said I was crabby  (In my defence my boys were young at the time and would try the patients of a saint) I didn’t enjoy my weekend glass of wine as much for a few months, and I didn’t know what to do with my hands.

With the therapies and tools, I will give you it will be easier for you.