You can’t stop the waves,

But you CAN  learn to swim.

The session I had with Sandra at Life Enhancing Therapies was very comfortable and I found it very easy to share, I was made to feel entirely comfortable and respected within the space. The results I have gained are worth so much more than the money I have invested,...

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I have suffered most of my life with a crippling fear of enclosed spaces including lifts, and lately, due to ill health, I was to go through a MIR scan. I found this to be one of the most terrifying and claustrophobic experiences I have ever faced and could not go...

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I found Sandra  when my relationship was in crisis I was nervous making the first appointment, I was nervous arriving the first time, I was nervous undertaking the first session and what the results would be ... but honestly ... don’t be. It has helped me greatly....

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I always suffered from stress and anxiety when having to take any exams or when I knew I was going to have to give a presentation. With Sandra’s help, especially the techniques she taught me I no longer have these break outs, and anytime I know I have a situation...

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I came to Sandra as an adult with a phobia of eating certain foods. This has left me with a very limited and relatively unhealthy diet. I enjoyed my session with Sandra and it has really inspired me to get over my phobia. I have unfortunately had to go back to...

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Contrary to common belief, depression is not primarily a biological illness, inherited through the genes. Nor is it the setbacks, crises or tragedies in our lives that cause depression. It is our response to adverse events that determines whether we get depressed or...

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Weekend Retreats at The Southfield

Book 1 or 2 night stay at The Southfield Hotel and enjoy a therapy session tailored exclusively just for you.    Why not bring your family or friends with you and while you are having a therapy session they can walk along the beautiful Girvan coastline or visit the...

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When you feel good it shows in everything you do

Do you suffer from Anxiety, Stress, Depression At Life Enhancing Therapies we can help - Give us a call  Some simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety 1          Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress. It might seem contradictory,...

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Returning to work after time out

Finding focus after being out of work is sometime very daunting, you lack confidence, feel out of touch with new technology, If you have children – how will you juggle, how will you find work that covers child care costs and make it worth while. Made redundant, Am I...

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Giving up Smoking

Using therapies to help stop smoking has very good results;

Approx. 30 of clients have a magical experience with zero cravings                                                                                                                                                                          Approx. 30% of clients will experience some cravings that are manageable using the tools I teach you                                                                                                                      Approx. 30% will be like the 2nd group but maybe have a coffee one day and suddenly miss the habit and then start thinking do I want one don’t I want one and you just have to remind yourself with your new tools that you are now a non-smoker                                                                                                                                                    Approx. 10% might need a booster session

Having been a heavy smoker for 29 years I personally view Smoking is a BAD habit not AN addiction in the true sense. When I smoked, I could go to sleep for 10 / 12 hours (I was young) and not think about a cigarette. If I had a true addiction, I seriously think my body would be waking me up craving a top up of whatever I was addicted to. Yes, it was undoubtedly hard (I did not have the tools that I have now) but I did not have the withdrawal symptoms that a true addict has.  sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea, shaking,

Because I was going cold turkey as they say – you will not – I could occasionally be irritable, sometime found it difficulty concentrating if I wasn’t busy, I had a bit of a headache sometime in the first few days, my family said I was “crabbit” (In my defence my boys were young at the time and would try the patients of a saint) I didn’t enjoy my weekend glass of wine as much for a few months, and I didn’t know what to do with my hands.

With the therapies and tools, I will give you it will be far easier for you.

ANGER How and why to forgive someone who hurts you

Sometimes it is not possible to sort things out with the people with whom you feel angry. They might not be willing to talk about it with you, or they may not be around to do it. Maybe they have died. To get past your anger it may be helpful to write a letter that expresses the way you feel — then tear it up or burn it to show that it’s over. Or speak out loud to an empty chair, a photo or some other object that represents the person. When you have expressed everything you feel about what the person did that hurt you, and what you wish they had done instead, finish up with a statement that hands it back to the other person. Something like: ‘But you didn’t do what I wanted and now I’m letting go of the expectation that you should have.’ You may have to go through the process a few times but it can be very freeing to let go of an old hurt. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you think it was okay for the person to hurt you, just that you don’t want to hold on to it any longer.

We all have things we need to forgive ourselves for, too. If you are troubled by regret for things you did in the past, go through a process of forgiving yourself just as you would for someone else. Whatever has happened, we all need to learn the lesson, let go and come back to living in the present.

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