Sandra Horne

(Dip.C.Hyp/NLP) GQHP

Holistic Therapist

Clinical Hypnotherapist          Neuro Linguistic Programming      Motivational life Coach                      CBT & EFT Techniques

Also trained in;

Shamanic Power Retrieval    Kinetic Shift,                                      OldPain2Go                                          Mindfulness                                          Reiki 


What I can do for you


By using a mixture of therapies and coaching I give confidence & clarity to people stuck in a negative or fearful pattern to make the changes necessary to move on with their lives confidently and successfully.

I believe that complimentary & Holistic therapies are so beneficial and valuable in helping people deal with all of the issues and problems that living in these progressive times bring.

We no longer have the same core values and goals of our grandparents. nor the security of knowing that when you finished studying and  found a job it was usually for life. Everything in this fast changing world is so uncertain that our human minds can sometime feel overwhelmed which leads us to develop habits or fears along the way that can hold us back from creating the lives we want, when security and stability is so unpredictable we can often find ourselves wavering at every small hurdle until it feels insurmountable,   

We now often see the world through social media and believe that we are failing if we do not have the same lifestyles of our icons, or we do not get enough likes on our posts. As humans we need to hear the way a sentence is spoken and see the expression on our friends face to interpret the meaning which we can not do through Social Media

Through a combination of Complimentary & Holistic Therapies we can help find long-term solutions for                             

Depression / Anxiety / Stress / Anger issues / Phobia / Fear of, flying, dentist, heights / Confidence /Study nerves,  Stop smoking / Panic attacks / Trauma / Weight loss, gain / Recovery / Worry / Self forgiveness / Relationship problems  Speaking in public / Self-development / Life coaching Motivation  / Self-esteem  / Improve sports performance and many more.   

 Using a mixture of techniques I can help YOU make significant & positive changes in your life in a relatively short period of time. Working with the sub-conscious mind is now a scientifically proven way to bring about quick permanent solutions to many problems by focusing on what you want to achieve not on the problem root.       

Some of these therapies can be effectively used without the client ever going into trance or even having to voice the issue or challenges they are facing to be able to bring about the positive change sought 

The therapies I use work with the unconscious mind to release any negative thoughts or feelings, thoughts of inadequacies or anxiety stress or depressive thoughts that may arise through past events, unpleasant memories, or life challenges and situations, in a very short time by CBT, Hypnoses & NLP.  and replace the thoughts & feelings with positive, creative and beneficial new ones that will enable you to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

We can then use Motivational life coaching to address specific personal ambitions and dreams you have for your professional or personal life, by exploring what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to start you on your chosen path.

At Life Enhancing Therapies we offer Solutions Without Drama                                                            To Help you create a better, more satisfying life & achieve your goals


Therapy sessions are available in our Girvan or Kilmarnock therapy centre


Call;  07808167089 


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, as long as you want to be hypnotised and have the ability to concentrate.

How many sessions will I need?

On average 3-4 but sometimes more or less sessions are required.

Do I need a session every week?

This depends on the type of problem and the progress made. Sometime every fortnight or once a month will be appropriate.

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